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Robin Moore

Robin Moore

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Robin is an award-winning photographer, a Senior Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers, and photographs for National Geographic Creative. He is a powerful voice for amphibian conservation with the Amphibian Survival Alliance.

A Guardian, Mother Nature Network and The Dodo Best Book of the Year

“A beautifully rich and personal exploration of the plight of amphibians and the people working to save them. Moore’s book proves him not just a fantastic photographer but an excellent reporter and compelling storyteller. Such a vital part of the natural world, amphibians are lucky to have this artist on their side.” – Jennifer S. Holland, New York Times bestselling author of Unlikely Friendships and Unlikely Loves

“a beautiful and unusual amalgam of well-explained science, passionate and reasoned advocacy, lyrical and evocative personal accounts (from childhood in Scotland to an emergency room in Madrid to tropical rainforests at night) and handsome coffee table adornment. I love everything about it.” Sydney Morning Herald


“remarkable…stunning” – The Guardian

“…full of passionate scientists, wild landscapes and exquisite pictures of these luminous creatures that for once are getting the attention they deserve.” – The Economist

“This book will dazzle you with the elegance and allure of amphibians.” – George Meyer, Foreword


The Frog Photographer BBC Earth from Robin Moore on Vimeo.

“Peppered with gorgeous photos by Moore, the book is a gritty, determined, realistic, and, at times, even hopeful story that is a must read for all of us who want to protect species on Earth.” – Gabriel Thoumi, Mongabay

“a compelling publication” – National Geographic Creative

“In this part travelogue, part adventure story, and part zoological journal, Moore doesn’t shy away from sharing his personal experiences, thoughts and humor, and thus succeeds in transferring his passion and enthusiasm to readers.” – Publishers Weekly

“enchant[s] readers with his beautiful macro shots and inspire[s] them to look out for our frog friends.” – Wired

“…a compelling prose that draws you in and keeps you there for the duration of the book — and will likely leave you wanting for more.” – Jaymi Heimbuch, Mother Nature Network

“One of conservation’s most exciting expeditions comes to life in new book… Moore has written a fascinating account of the search from both behind the scenes and in the field.” – Jeremy Hance, Mongabay

“I cannot recommend this book more highly…Robin Moore is an amazing photographer and storyteller with an extraordinary story to tell about his mission to find the world’s rarest amphibians.” – Lucy Cooke

“…a great read, filled with entertaining tales from the field and clear explanations of the underlying science. The book is illustrated with some glorious full-colour photos that make its central story all the more poignant.” – Geordie Torr, Geographical Magazine

“The photos and writing tell a big story – one that engages, inviting us to follow.” – Wendy Townsend, author of Lizard Love and The Sundown Rule

“…as suspenseful as any thriller, funny and sad and well written. I haven’t been as excited about a nature/travel/weird-and-wonderful-creatures book since Last Chance to See.” – Clara Hodiamont

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